Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any monetisation programs?

Currently, you will receive referral traffic from WhaTheByte, which you are free to monetise on your website. We will be updating this space as we move forward. Stay tuned!

We have been receiving traffic, but my Google Analytics states “direct”, a.k.a “unknown” traffic. How is this happening?

Your Google Analytics states “direct” traffic because WhaTheByte does not track our audience due to privacy rules.

How do publishers view their stats on WhaTheByte?

You can easily view your content’s performance on your Channel page. Every content has its Likes, Shares, Impressions and Views shown publicly.

How does publishers' content appear on the newsfeed?

Once a publication has successfully onboarded onto the WhaTheByte platform, the content will be indexed into our high-efficiency cloud server. Your content will surface based on the audience selection of interest groups. We assure you that your content is optimised for the broadest reach.

What is WhaTheByte Interest?

Publishers are grouped into interest categories by our moderators, and the content is pushed into the newsfeed based on the audience interest groups. For example, a publication that focuses on crypto technology may have its channel categorised under the interest of ‘Tech’ and ‘Finance’.

What is WhaTheByte Editor Picks?

Onboarded publishers will have their content promoted on our Editor Picks. Our team of editors handpick content to help publishers reach out to new audiences, increase website traffic, and grow their social media following.

What is WhaTheByte Channel?

Onboarded publishers will have their Channel. A Channel includes the publication’s logo, description, social media handles, trending content and latest content. Channels are displayed on the top of the home. This will give our publications maximum exposure.

How do I get my publication on WhaTheByte?

You can contact us at Once you have opt-in to become WhaTheByte’s Publisher, our technical team will analyse your website and prepare the onboarding process. Our team will reach out to you within four to seven working days.

What is WhaTheByte and why should I join the WhaTheByte Publisher Community?

WhaTheByte is a platform where publishers express their thoughts and ideas on different topics, allowing them to share their inspirations and bring new ideas to the surface. Working with publishers worldwide, we help content creators reach new readers who are passionate and engaged in the topics they cover.

WhaTheByte is free to everyone. Once an audience has created a WhaTheByte profile with interest groups selected, your content will automatically be added to the newsfeed. Your content will be optimised for our audiences while keeping your internal links intact. By consistently adding fresh content to your website, you are reaching a new audience worldwide and directing more traffic to your website.