21 Dec 2022

PerghChicks Review: Ex-Pasar Malam Stall Opens Restaurant Selling Volcano Curry Rice And Spicy Wings

Yusraa Zulkarnain

PerghChicks at Haji Lane has spicy ayam percik and volcano curry rice I love chicken in all of its forms—be it fried, barbecued, or in soups, and the list goes on. The best form of chicken to me, however, is when it’s marinated in a myriad of spices or sauces, and then flame-grilled to get a beautifully charred skin.  One dish that encompasses all those qualities is ayam percik, a dish I’ve only had on my occasional trips to Malaysia. Thus, when I heard of Pergh!Chicks, a restaurant that specialises in ayam percik, I knew I had to check them out. Formerly a business that appeared mostly at pasar malams, they have since expanded to an actual restaurant at Haji Lane.  Food at Pergh!Chicks As I browsed the menu, a dish that caught my eye was the Honey BBQ Chop Set ($9.50+), which featured vibrant blue pea flower rice, potato wedges, fresh salad, and a thick slab of honey-glazed chicken chop.  I was mostly curious about the rice because of its bright blue hue. There were mild hints of what seemed to be lemon, but otherwise, its taste leaned pretty close to plain white rice. It was unfortunately nothing much […]